Our Work/Portfolio

Here are some of the excellent jobs we’ve done over the years and results we’ve achieved

digital junkies portfolio of work

Web Design & Development Projects

Website Design For Visari Energy

Visari is a waste management company is Nigeria and we developed their logo as well as designed the website in less than a week. Client was thoroughly satisfied.

Web Design For A Foundation

We created a website for the Monsignor Anthony Uwakwe Foundation and made an engine for online scholarship application and processing.

Social Media Management & Marketing Projects

Facebook Page Engagement & Reach Growth

We generated a 263% increase in post reach as well as a 29% increase in engagement and a 90% increase in number of new followers gained all within a month of working with the client.

facebook portfolio growth

Facebook Page Followers Growth

We generated an increase of 210% in followers gained over a one month period without paid advertising. Simply organic social media growth.

Instagram Page Growth

Grew an instagram page for Creditville Limited from about 120 followers to over 1,200 followers in the space of 6 months. All followers were gained organically and are real and verified persons interested in the business.

Facebook Page Growth

We grew Creditville’s facebook page to over 1,300 real followers who interact regularly with the brand and maintained an engagement rate of over 15% with a minimal spend of about N10,000 in 6 months.

Giveaway Campaign On Social Media

We ran a “Spot The Fake” competition campaign on social media over the period of 3 days and were able to reach over 20,000 persons all together, grow followership by over 200% and reward 3 winners.

social media campaign portfolio

Three Weeks Social Media Campaign

We handled a campaign (in collaboration with Soft Network) for a pop-up shop event on behalf of Czar & Czarina Clothing for a 3 week period and were able to drive over 8,000 profile visits on average weekly and also grew the page page follwers from 12.000+ to 16,000+ with a budget of just under N10,000 on ad spend.

Facebook Page Management Stats For A Month

monthly twitter management stats portfolio

Twitter Page Management Stats For A Month

monthly instagram management stats portfolio

Instagram Page Management Stats For A Month

monthly linkedin management stats portfolio

LinkedIn Page Management Stats For A Month

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Projects

SEO For "Car Loan"

We ranked a web page as number 4 on google for car loan searches and were able to generate an increase of over 200% in number of the web page visitors.

SEO For "Quick Loan"

We optimised the website and were able to rank it on the first page in google search results for the long tail keyword: “Quick Loan in Nigeria” which ties into what the company does.

seo portfolio for business loan

SEO For "Business Loan"

We ranked a web page as number 2 on google for business loan searches  generating over 10,000 monthly visits from organic search.

seo portfolio salary loan

SEO For "Salary Loan"

Website optimised for salary earners searching for loans. We ranked the website as #1 on google and generated a massive number of  online applications.

Local SEO & Web Traffic Generation Projects

Traffic Growth Stats For A Client

We generated over 27,000 visits to the website with 196,000 search appearances while ranking an average of 10th position for over 1,000 keywords sampled.

website traffic portfolio

Traffic & Conversion (Sales) Growth

We generated over 15,000 visits from search and 1,200 from social media in a month for a client and got over 2,500 conversions (sales) on the website at a conversion rate of over 5%.

Local SEO (Google Map Discovery)

Over 7,900 persons discovered our client’s business on google maps accounting for 85% website visitors from maps. We targeted people searching in close proximity to the business

Local SEO (Google My Business)

We generated over 3,300 views and over 1,000 website visits by using google mybusiness for a client in Port Harcourt. These views were gotten on google maps and google business listings, targeting people close to the business. 

website traffic generation stats portfolio

6 Months Website Stats

We generated over 27,000 unique visitors to the client’s website maintaining a bounce rate of 39% percent and getting over 109,000 page views and visitors spent an average of 4mins on the website which means they were properly engaged when they visited.

Local SEO (Google My Business) Abuja

A client in Abuja got over 4,500 views on maps and google business listing, an increase of over 100% from previous month. We utilized Google My Business and Local SEO to achieve this.

Graphics Design Content Projects

graphic design portfolio eid mubarak

Social Media Graphic Post

A social media post for Chekkit Technologies to celebrate the Eid-El-Fitr holiday and was used across their social media channels.

GOT inspired graphic design ad

A “Game Of Thrones” graphics design ad for a loan company which shows we are always on top of trends and we incorporate them in our marketing efforts.

portfolio graphic avengers

Avengers Inspired Graphic Ad

An Avengers inspired ad developed during the showing of “Avengers – Endgame” which generated a lot of buzz on social media for our client and engagement as well.

social post educating portfolio

Educational Social Media Post

We created an educational ad for Chekkit Technologies who are a software company creating digital supply chain solutions for companies to cut out losses and improve revenue.

Video Content Projects

Loan Explainer Video

Motion Graphic Video Ad

Goal Setting Tips Video

Voter Education Video Campaign

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