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We help place your product/service in front of customers by Email; from building your own email list to subscriber management, sending bulk emails to our Email Database and sale of Email addresses, we handle it all.

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Email Marketing In Nigeria Made Easy

Email marketing simply means the art of sending promotional and informative mails to current customers and prospective customers. People usually get carried away by social media stats and think that is where all their potential customers are but forget the fact that emails have been around for much longer and would still be around for much longer into the future.

Not just stopping there, statistics show that 91% of persons check their emails daily and to have a presence online, a functional email is usually needed which means that everyone with a smart phone has an email with which they receive information and you should definitely be positioning your business in front of them using this means.

Digital Junkies has been growing email lists for a long time and we have a very healthy database of Nigerian email addresses that are detailed and authentic which we can use to send tailored bulk email campaigns on your behalf, driving conversions and brand engagement. If you haven’t invested in email marketing yet, you should start today!

“Reaching the inbox isn't necessarily the goal - Engaging people is.”

is email marketing that effective?

Why You Should Start Using Email Marketing

Usage & Reach

There are currently almost 4 billion email users and rising which is more than half of the world's population and over 91% of these consumers check their emails daily.

Personalisation & Automation

With email marketing, you can personalize the promotional messages you send to potential customers making them more likely to convert to paying customers whle the whole process can be automated meaning more time to spend on other activities.

Email Converts

People who buy products marketed through email spend 138% more than those who do not receive email offers. In fact, email marketing has an ROI of 3800%

Email Will Be Here Forever

Over the years, several social media platforms have come and gone but email has stood the test of time and will continue to do so well into the future because opening accounts on most websites require an email even.

How can we help you with Email Marketing?

email marketing is an art and we're artists!

List Building/Lead Generation

We come up with targeted lead magnets suited to your business and target market that would make your potential customers give you their email addresses. These are people who will be interested in your business offerings and you can then go on to sell to them via their emails.

Subscriber/Email List Management

Once you've gotten a list of emails, we set up automated email marketing platforms where you can send automated or periodic emails to new and existing subscribers. We craft excellent emails that drive conversions and make people want to open them.

Bulk Emailing

Do you want to send one time promotional emails to a large number of people, we will do that for you or we can send the promotional emails to our own email database on your behalf. Whichever you want, we craft the emails that ensures people patronize you.

Email Addresses Purchase

Currently we have a database of well over 5 million verified Nigerian email addresses of persons in different industries, professions and locations. This database is available for purchase and we're flexible with pricing depending on how many emails you need and what grouping you need.

Are You Ready To Get Started ???

Let us handle your email marketing project TODAY!

Email Marketing FAQs

how verified are your email addresses ?

Our email addresses are 90% accurate as we regularly seive through using authentication softwares to remove inactive or dormant emails

can i know how many people read my emails ?

YES. The beauty of email is the robust analytics you can get, from number of opens, open rate up to people who actually make a purchase on your website for example.

do your emails deliver to the inbox ?

YES. We only use the best software and email hosts that beat all spam firewalls and ensure your mails hit the inbox of the receiver every single time.

how you bill for subscriber/ email list management ?

We bill according to the size of your email list (number of emails we’ll be helping you manage) and subscription is on a monthly basis except in rare situations.

About Us

We are a full service digital and online marketing company aimed at helping business grow online and make more sales. We have over 3 years experience in running online marketing campaigns optimised to get the best Return On Investment (ROI).